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Originally Posted by Namejs View Post
Sure, they might grow and become better, but they're not, which is why we're talking about the current situation.

To quote you:

"I wouldn't say they are much worse than either of those teams."

Note the "are". Can't see a "will" anywhere.
And I don't. If they are going to play in Div 1A next year, against Japan and Italy (most likely), then they are OBVIOUSLY not much worse than either of those teams.

I'm not sure how you can seriously say otherwise. Maybe you aren't familiar with how the IIHF works the World Championships... the divisions are set up by grouping together teams of similar strengths.

Nope. We don't have a portal to 2018, so the only actual evidence that we can analyze lies in the past.
Which is completely stupid. Korean hockey looks completely different today than it did just 5 years ago. If you want to continue to talk about their past, you are just showing your own ignorance.

The thing is that we're not comparing them to Japan and Italy. You brought up this ridiculous comparison. Comparing Korea to Italy or Japan is like comparing Canada with Latvia. The difference is very significant, Korea is a level below them and two or three levels below the top teams.
I would not say the difference between Canada and Latvia is that great at all. They both regularly play at the Elite level. Sure, Latvia gets blown out by Canada occasionally, but they are also capable of giving Canada a good game.

Would it be an upset if Latvia beat Canada? Of course, but not an unimaginable one. Likewise, Korea is very capable of giving Japan and Italy a good game - which is why they will play in the same group. They wouldn't be there if they couldn't.

One game? Look at this then:'s_national_ice_hockey_team#All-time_Record_against_other_nations

In the previous Junior WCH the Korean U-20 team lost to countries like Spain, Lithuania and the Netherlands. A year before that they got a blowout loss against Poland and barely beat Australia and Romania. A year before that they had a blowout loss against Great Britain and Hungary and another loss against Spain. That's the future of the Korean hockey. Consistently bad.
One game that was recent. All other games before that are completely irrelevant to Korea's present standing. Let me know when you get to the year 2012 so we can continue to talk about present situations and not time travel back to when your arguments actually made sense.

Junior hockey also has nothing to do with the real national teams.

Why? It makes the tournament more interesting and there's always a chance for an upset that might hinder the chances of the top 5 teams. Remember Belarus '02?
Because, according to your logic, seeing the best possible hockey is most important. So let's just cut all the fat and just have the "Big 6" play. Sure, there could be an upset, but that includes Korea/Japan/Italy as well.

All I'm saying is that if Japan and Italy deserve an automatic berth, why not Korea? We're not talking about Mexico or India here, it's South Korea who plays at the same level as Japan and probably Italy will next year.

Does a 0-30 loss promote the sport? Who in their right minds would watch a slaughter like that? If I was Korean, it would be absolutely embarassing and shameful.
Ignoring your ridiculous scoreline, why would they be embarrassed? I'm sure they would be well aware that they were only there as hosts and would not expect to even win a game. But it still allows them to have a team to cheer for and have a connection to the tournament. Otherwise, why would they care at all? They can at least see their country play against the best players in the world. Losing to the best players in the world is nothing to be ashamed of.

They weren't surprising to anyone who's been following hockey for a long enough time.
Well, not surprising after they filled their roster with foreign mercenaries.

Canada and Latvia are both in the Elite division. So they're of similar skill, by your logic. Your comparison is ridiculous.
Then why are Latvia in the Elite division? Like I said, if these teams aren't of comparable skill, then perhaps the Olympics, and WC should just be 6-team tournaments.

I was about to make a comment about autism, but seeing that the both of you didn't get my point I'll rephrase myself - it makes sense for foreign players of Korean descent to play in the Korean national team. It doesn't make sense for a random Canadian player to play a couple of years in the Asian league just for the chance to play on the Olympic ice. It has nothing to do with the rules.
And I'm saying your opinion doesn't matter - only the rules do.

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