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11-21-2003, 08:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Guy!
Unfortunately, I won't be attending the game, but I guarantee I'll be there in spirit. And I'll be watching you from Big Brother.

Lots of memories going to be flooding back watching these guys play, from Lafleur flying up the right wing to take a 'scintillating' slapper (too bad Danny Gallivan can't do the call), Carbo and Nilan forming two-thirds of one of the best checking lines in the history of the game (I have to wonder if Gainey might make a cameo and I'm rather disappointed that the two aren't actually linemates), the Bird-man starring once again at the back (no thundering checks, I would guess), Shutt picking up his traditional garbage goals, Lapointe at the back, along with all those other players I grew to love when I was younger...

But I have to think the biggest part of this game, for hockey fans in general, particularly those who felt the carpet was yanked unceremoniously from under them at the tragic events in 1988, will be the return of Gretz in that Oiler jersey. Honestly, what could be better for the game of hockey than to see that?

I'll be honest myself here when I say that, while seeing the Hab alums will be fantastic and I really hope they look good out there (remember the faithful singing Pennies from Heaven when Penney was in net?), I think the most emotional moment for me will be that Gretz moment. Don't get me wrong, I, let me better emphasize that...*HATED* the Oil when I was younger, and that lineup that we'll see in the game is one that still makes my teeth grit (Fuhr gets hit in the crest then dives to make it look good, sheesh), I still thought it was the worst NHL tragedy when Wayne was traded.


As a fan of the game, as someone who loves the NHL, I'm thinking I'll shed more than just one tear when #99 takes to the ice again to the roar of the crowd back where he really belongs.

I used to hate him, but he was magic. Lafleur was fabulous, made incredible plays, and helped carry those Habs to Cup after Cup.

99 was a God on ice, a miracle with a puck, an orchestra to the mere instruments that played around him. Over the years my hatred of the Oil softened and they now live in a kinder place in my heart, mostly because of the losses they endured, not on the ice, but from their soul.

And while he may, in the future, become part of that Oil organization once again, his days as a playing Oiler end after this final game. Wayne Gretzky is home.

For the last time.

A concerned fan.
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