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11-21-2003, 08:22 PM
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Feeling stupid? i know I am!

LOL I just finished up my dry run for tomorow.

the final count:
-winter boots
-thermal theyre warm :d
-thermal longjohns
-thermal socks
-thermal jeans (they have this weird felt stuff inside
-track pants
-thermal shirt
-wool sweater
-winter jacket
-oilers touque (mainly for looks

Im also taking my sleeping bag to sit on or to sit IN whichever becomes necessary.

I wonder if Im forgetting anything lmao.

Is everyone else doing the same thing? or am i crazy and overreacting? they said it could be -18 tomorow and thats insanely cold!!


I found this thing on the oilers' website about what youre not allowed to bring.

I read something about a camera but it was either 35mm or 35 zoom. You cant bring a camera with (35mm/35X not sure which) does anyone know? I really reallly would like to take a camera even if I snap the worst pictures in the world. I just want something to remember the day by.


I doubt Ill sleep tonight, tomorow will be one of those days we tell our grandkids about, this will be unbelievable.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day possible!!

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