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Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
Well Gretzky vs. Potvin is a pretty well documented matchup in real life. Denis didn't play poorly against Gretzky, but he was definitely frustrated by his inability to really lay the body on Gretz, which really nobody was able to do. Potvin is a fine matchup, in the end. Gretzky didn't skulldrag Potvin in those finals like he did many other #1 defensemen during his career. Baun is not a great match at #2 to defend Gretz, considering how much of a role physicality played in his game. There's just not much to be gained in trying to push around Gretzky - Kurri. I doubt Baun was a better positional player than Morrow.

I'm guessing Berlinquette - Sanderson is the checking matchup against Gretzky in Australia, and that's not a bad matchup.
Agreed for the most part, I don't think Baun is an ideal matchup for Gretzky either, but I think he'll occasionally be able to impede some of his scoring chances. But you're right, I plan on having Potvin as the primary defender pitted against Gretz.

You're right, that's a fairly tenacious checking duo which I also believe will matchup well with Gretzky, also having the physical Labine on the right side helps.

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