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11-21-2003, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Liquidrage
I wouldn't trade Pitkanen for Illya straight up in Philly.

Illya is lighting it up. But unless he adds a more to his game he's more of a Sellane or Bure type player. And IMHO those players don't do as much to help teams win in today's NHL.

I'd take one Lidstrom over a Bure in his prime anyday. Bure might make it onto more posters and Sports Center highlights, but Lidstrom did more to help his team win.

I've only seem Illya in a few games, and he didn't look like a total cherry picker, but I still would want the stud blueliner over the finesse forward any day if the Cup is your goal. And Pitkanen has a mean streak to go along with his skill. He's not a finesse defensman. And I'd still take Gaborik over Illya any day of the week. If Illya was in a system that forced him to play defense 1st his numbers would come down. He gets to do what he wants in Atlanta.

Now, if they ever take the instigator back out and teams can protect Illya from not just the hitting come playoff time but the clutch and grab that he will get (if they can catch him to grab him), I'd swing back to take Illya over Pitkanen easily.
One of the most ignorant posts I've read.

I'm a Flyers fan, and a big time Pitkanen fan. I love everything he brings to the table. However, if offered Kovalchuk for Pitkanen straight up, I'd drive him to the airport myself.

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