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04-25-2012, 10:44 PM
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buy new skates... that's the only real fix to your problem.

I went from a 9D (easton externo) to a 6.5D (XXXX) to a 5.5EE (one.9) within two years. They cost a lot but it was well worth it. Properly fitted skates feel like nothing you've ever felt before - power and quickness. Skates that are too big for you only hinder your development since you can't properly use the edges, toe and heel.

If you don't want to fork out $500 for a new pair, look on ebay at this time of year. A lot of people sell their fairly new pair of skates for cheap ($170-$300 for high end skates). Some people only wore them for 2-3 skates and decided to quit (10/10 or 9/10 condition). That's how i snagged my XXXX for $140.

Avoid skates that are "used used" and broken in (8/10 or less). Those won't do you any good. The best way to shop for used skates is to look at the amount of steel left and the liner condition.

BTW always go check out your size at the LHS. You don't have to get someone to "serve" you but you use those boot measuring devices to check for an approx size and try a few pairs on to find the proper fit. Different models/brands have different fits. Most important of all, take your time and know your own "foot shape". Search here for a few good threads on how to get "perfectly fitted" skates. You don't want to buy a new pair again and find that you're a size too big.

Vapours - narrow
Supreme - between a D and a E for width in comparison to Vapours
CCM U+ - similar fit to supreme or even wider

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