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04-25-2012, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Reverend Mayhem View Post
Like you said, I probably did overreact but am I the only one that remembers Luongo being criticized by a few in his first season saying he lost us the series vs Anaheim because of the OT goal by Neids? I do. Do you remember his personal life being criticized in 2008 because our team was crap down the stretch? I do. Do you remember the summer of 7uongo where our fans were openly discussing trade when he put up a valiant effort against the Blues? I do. Do you remember last summer where 8 goals in 7 games was a mere afterthought of Luongo's play (2 shutouts and one monumental blow-up) where his good play was conveniently forgotten and discredited? I do.

Yeah, running him out of town is probably hyperbole, yes. But you can't just sit here and say with a straight face that Luongo was treated fairly by some fans during his years here.

And I disagree with nothing you said in your last half-paragraph.
A lot of professional athletes aren't treated "fairly" by fans...It comes with the territory. I've seen "fans" who've ragged on Trevor Linden, TREVOR LINDEN! Best get over it because its not going to change, no matter how much you hate it.

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