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04-26-2012, 12:04 AM
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God almighty.

To boil down your argument:
1) any and each team that has played in the same division with a certain team is by default not significantly worse than that respective team (for instance, Kazakhstan and Canada, South Korea and Italy, Spain and Slovenia and so on), ignoring the fact that even though the IIHF ranking is perfectly incremental, the skill differences between similarly ranked teams can be disproportional (for example, as evidenced by the fact that not 1 team outside of the top 7 has won a medal in the last 59 years);
2) you can't tell how strong a team is by looking at its past results (or, to rephrase, you can't tell how strong a team is at all, because any result is a past result and national teams don't play dozens of matches against the same opponent in a short period of time, meaning the sample size is NEVER large enough).

So, even though there's no justification whatsoever for both of your premises, if someone would say that a team A is much worse than a team B, there would be no way of proving you wrong, according to your little chain of logic here.

So, as all of your statements are logically unfalsifiable and you're clearly the kind of person that is not willing to admit mistakes in your reasoning, there's no point in continuing this discussion.

Have a nice day.

Just remember this conversation after a year and during the 2018 OGs.

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