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04-26-2012, 02:08 AM
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Originally Posted by mitchmagic View Post
I don't want to see Sigur Ros at Osheaga with a bunch of people who don't care about them.

Therefore I'm making the drive to Toronto on August 1st to see them.

I really dislike music festivals. See:


Originally Posted by MJG View Post
Normally I'd rag on you for being a music snob, but Sigur Ros is one of the only bands in the world that this is actually applies to. It will definitely be very frustrating to hear 16 year old girls *****ing because they're bored and have no idea what they're actually witnessing. That said, the beauty of the festival is that you can see so many wonderful bands in one great weekend.

Also, Osheaga isn't close to Coachella with regards to people trying to make fashion statements and outdoing one another. It also isn't a filled with celebrities.
Mitch, I don't think this a problem at Osheaga. Granted, one headliner might not be another headliner's fanbase's cup of tea, but fans coexist and respect the spirit/essence of the festival. Last year, Tragically Hip fans moved out at the end of the group's performance, and Flaming Lips fans closed in on the stage while Death Cab For Cutie was playing on the other main stage.

It's even less of a problem when the bands you want to see play on 'secondary' stages. Band #1 moves in. Band plays set. Band moves out. Band #2 moves in... Etc.

And MJG is right. Osheaga doesn't attract much of the "look at me" crowd. It's a modern-day Woodstock with emphasis on the music, not gimmicks. No fashion statements, no peace and love, no political messages... Just 3 days of freakingly good artists for a very reasonable price.

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