Thread: Berger: Luongo To Toronto? Part II
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04-26-2012, 03:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Hammer79 View Post
Canucks gave up Bertuzzi to get him. Florida went for it because Keenan valued Bertuzzi highly, and there was some doubt about whether Luongo would re-sign there long-term.

Gigantic? His $10M is already paid out. It's $6.7M in real money until he's 39, $5.333M in cap hit. There are 8 goalies right now getting better than $5.3M

Goalies tend to have longer primes, look at Brodeur, Hasek, Roy. They aren't skating around and absorbing punishing checks. They are thinking the game better the more experience they get. They don't drop off until their reflexes do. Luongo is going to be that consistent guy for you until he's at least 39, and the last four years are 1.6, 1.6, 1, 1 in real $. He can retire, become a back-up and mentor a younger goalie, or go to a team looking to hit cap floor.
We like to rip on Burke, (fairly, and unfairly) but there is no way, he will pay more for Luongo now, then what he was worth in his prime.

I've found the Canucks fans flip-flop hilarious.

They run the guy out of town and now tell us how much we have to overpay for a guy they want nothing to do with.

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