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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
and my experience is that your "context" is always of one against Canadians and for Russians.
C'mon, enough with the accusations every post. Resorting to "You hate Canadians" or "KHL is biased" means you having nothing left to say.

Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
So if I've got this right the only reason he gets so many regular season points is because he plays on a crappy team, yet you are critizing his playoff performance? First of all he only has 14 playoff games in the KHL so you are looking at an extremely small sample size. Secondly the better your teammates are and the weaker your competition is helps you get points, which is the case when you play for a good team, especially in the playoffs where for example Barys has always played a much higher seeded team. This holds true in almost every case so the fact your are trying to make Dallman an exception and your history of discriminating against Canadians tells me that you are most likely full of it.
Most player's point totals decline in playoffs...big deal. We're discussing playoff performance (you'd know nothing about b/c you don't watch KHL)

Regardless of strength of team, teammates or circumstance, the best players DO NOT individually disappoint in the playoffs year in and year out.

And lots of players from mid-level KHL teams thrive come playoff time. The guys on Riga usually step it up. Last year upper mid level Atlant made it to the finals.

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