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04-26-2012, 09:45 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
I strongly disagree that building a "class organization" necessitates you play guys as much as they would like to be played in their wet dreams. Class has a lot to do with how you treat players, but refusing to acquire depth at any position so that you can play your marginal stars as much as they want to play has nothing to do with it, and its anathema to winning, which is a hell of a lot more important to players.
You completely failed to take into consideration the very reason both Staal and Hodgson alike, would or already have excepted the move. Which is their desire to compete in a role that was or is above the roles they have or do now play.

If Ennis was going back to wing, then I can see where "maybe", bringing Jordan Staal in would be something to consider. But the truth is I don't see the organization removing Ennis from the center position, at least, not until they are forced to.

That leaves 3 centers, and Ennis's line is most likely considered the 1 or 2 line, which means they would most likely see the critical situation minutes more often than a 3rd line.

We acquire Staal, and either Staal or Hodgson have to field the center position on a diminished talent line, or 3rd line. Both of these players desire to be impact players, not to stay in the respective roles they have or currently now do play.

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