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04-26-2012, 08:56 AM
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the thing is alot of this is mindset.

When the coach preaches responsible play, sound defense first and sits those that don't buy in. Heck Crosby would have been sat for a few minutes at points in the flyers series if Dale Hunter was the coach. (I am NOT saying Crosby doesn't normally play well both ways, but he did have some big gaffs that coughed up the puck in bad spots at bad times in this series). It becomes part of the teams DNA.

My point is, it's a team identity thing. If everyone is doing this it wins in the playoffs because everyone has it ingrained in their heads what to do. Playing good defense doesn't win you any shiny individual trophies and it's a lot harder work then free wheeling offense. To do so you must be working hard, be disciplined and out will your opponent many times.

That's why defense wins when it matters. Free wheeling offense is what we became right before the playoffs, we played like we didn't care about goals against because we figured if they put up 5, we'll just put 6 goals.

We can be an offensive power house, but we have to do it with a defense FIRST mentality. That is what is missing in Blysma's system. His main idea is just move the puck North, and try and play in the other teams end. The problem is it has degenerated into this free wheeling, careless with the puck system. Whether that is our players not listening I don't know. I do know that he should limit minutes of ANY PLAYER that does careless things with the puck. Players should be playing for the logo on the front, not the name on the back.

While I think that Paul Martin should be put on a rocket ship to the moon ASAP, and that Oprik looked like he was skating in concrete. I say that even the great Lidstrom in his prime would look bad if you continually had your forwards being careless with the puck and giving the opponent the puck in the neutral zone with speed, and he is caught flat footed as the play changes direction abruptly.

That's why we got killed, it's been discussed here in various forms. But our system is prone to turning the puck over and giving up glorious scoring chances.
During the regular season Fleury played exteremely well and covered up a lot of these glaring defencies (why the players voted him co-mvp of the team). But he was over worked (imo) and in the playoffs could no longer stop all the glorious chances that philly had. You combine great scoring chances with sub-average goal tending and you get what happened to us.

Damn thing is I hate the capitals, but I like how Hunter is running them now. Ovechkin doesn't play both ways, so he sits. You see guys giving up their bodies to stop pucks, you don't see hardly any careless turnovers. I lost track of how many 3-2 chances we gave the Flyers. Heck the first goal that set the tone in game 6 was the perfect example. Puck is given to Giroux with speed in the netural zone, Sully doesn't play the body but simply goes for a poke check, he misses. Orpik doesn't know what to do and gives him an unimpeded lane to the net. Sure Fleury *could* stop that. But that was a damn good shot that will go in on most goalies.

whew. done ranting... I think it's gonna take a while to get the anger out over how we blew it this year...

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