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04-26-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Loods View Post
If Shero demands that kind of package from any team, he won't be trading Staal - no team will give a package like that up.

They would demand Sekera, I'm sure. I'd give up Armia without hesitation (and I could see them being very, very interested in Joel) and the 2012 1st is certainly in play. They may ask Ennis - or a player similar to him from other teams - but he won't be getting (Ennis).

I agree that the Roy + proposals hold very little weight. I could see them being interested in Roy as a transitional/stopgap/placeholding center, but certainly not as a centerpiece of the deal.
You're overvaluing Ennis because of his strong finish. It seems many have Little Tyler penciled in for 70 pts next year from the center position. I think people are getting ahead of themselves over a 30-game stretch.

I was looking at the Carter trade as a comparable for Staal. Can we agree that Staal has at least that much value? Buffalo has to give up a pick in the top-half of the first round (but 8th pick > 12th pick, especially in a down draft year), a young player with upside (I think Ennis has a tad more value than Voracek did), and something else. Perhaps we can make Sekera a 2nd rounder instead, and take off the 2nd rounder I had coming to us from PIT.

Thus, Ennis + 12th pick + 42nd pick for Staal. That's a fair deal (unless, of course, you think Tyler Ennis is going to be a 70-pt player for the foreseeable future). Staal is the type of two-way player this team needs, and he's a natural center.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post

I'd take Staal over Carter or Richards and look at the packages those two netted the Flyers last summer.

If the Pens put Staal on the trading block, the bidding is going to get crazy.

Originally Posted by Loods View Post
The bidding will be high. But most centerpieces will be in the form of top prospects and picks.

I don't think any team will give up an Ennis-type player in a package for Staal. I'm typically not one to cite points as a barometer of the quality of a player, but Ennis' career-high in points, 49 as a rookie, is one less than Staal's (50 - in an injury-shortened season).

The intangibles/d play that he brings increases his trade value, but no team will give up a proven NHL talent in Ennis (who very possibly could outscore Staal annually) as a centerpiece unless it's a one-for-one swap or that team adds little. Sekera and a first isn't little. That's a package teams put together for Getzlaf, not Jordan Staal.
You're overvaluing Ennis again. His numbers are only slightly better than Voracek's were when he was dealt along with the 8th pick and a 2nd rounder for Carter, a great regular season player who'd historically flopped in the playoffs. If you don't want to offer Ennis, fine, but I don't think you should expect to get Staal if that's the case.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
Ennis likely has similiar trade value around the league to Brayden Schenn last year.

I could see the Islanders offering up Josh Bailey or the Preds offering up Colin Wilson in a deal for Staal. And if they weren't in the same division, I could see the Rangers offering up Stepan in a deal for Staal.

And as far as Getzlaf vs Staal goes, I'd rather have Staal.
Not sure I'd even go that far. Like it or not, super-prospects like Schenn--and he was widely considered the #1 prospect in hockey when he was traded--have even greater value than solid young roster players like Ennis. Part of that is upside, part of that is more years of team control. Not to mention Schenn's value is increased because of his size and he's a natural center.

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