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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
So we haven't had a goalie anywhere close to as good as Quick in 41 years and have gone though seasons with guys names Storr, Knickle, Stauber, Gosslin, Lessard, Cloutier, Chechmanic, Janecyk, Melanson, Berthiaume, DaFoe, Fiset, Huet, Garon, Fitzpatrick, Fukufuji, Brust, Ersberg, Labarbara, and over the hill Burke and Fuhr, and COUNTLESS others in only the past 25 years. Now that we may possibly have the best goaltender in the ENTIRE NHL you want to just let him sign elsewhere and start the 40 year search again? Are you crazy??? You know how many goalies the New Jersey Devils have had as their starter the past 18 years? ONE. And they have 3 Stanley Cups in that time. Maybe it's time we try that approach?
Where did I say I didn't want to resign him?

If you read over my posts this year, you'll find many cases where I have said he should be resigned, no matter what. Nowhere have I once said we should walk away from Quick, especially not in the post you quoted.

All I'm saying is that for those fans who think Quick will resign for a homtown discount in the $5 million - $6 million range annually, they are very likely to be in for a shock when they see what Quick gets, especially if he goes on to win the Vezina (and possibly other hardware such as a Hart, Conn Smythe, etc.)

I'm not suggesting Quick be let go. I'm on side with him being resigned no matter the cost. **** dude, I'm likely the leader of the pack for that side of the argument.

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