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04-26-2012, 09:19 AM
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I'm new too!

I started some Ice Skating lessons in February, could skate forwards kind of quickly enough during public skating for a while during my life, but couldn't go backwards, crossover or stop very well! I always wanted to try Ice Hockey, I even remember knowing about Wayne Gretzky when I was about 12. We liked the North American sports in my suburb of London, England for some reason (despite not having many opportunities to play hockey). There's a photo of me somewhere in a Red Wings jersey which my mum got for me from a market stall as they didn't have a Rangers jersey there - at least it wasn't a Devils or Flyers jersey though!

As we couldn't afford me to try Ice Hockey, I grew up playing in goal in football and playing rugby for a team up until adult.

Last year, I moved to New York and got married to an awesome American girl. Looked at what sports I could try, Flag Football seemed boring, all the guys playing pick up basketball near me are way over 6 foot and way better than I ever was during High School and softball just looks like standing around in a field.

I took my wife to a few of Hockey games, we live nearer the Coliseum than MSG, and tickets were way cheaper, saw the Islanders lose to the Pens, beat the Hurricanes and then go on a great come back yet not enough to tie the game against the Flyers. Each of the games further inspiring me to try the game.

Anyway, the skating teacher thought I was good enough to try beginner hockey clinics, she had the hockey director see me skate and he said I should get myself to there too, and my life as a Hockey player is finally starting at the ripe old age of 27!

I'm very excited!

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