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Originally Posted by IceHockey19 View Post
Here is todays roster for the EuroHockeyTour game.

Zaripov – Tereschenko – Zherdev
Shirokov – Shipachev – Ketov
Tikhonov – Burmistrov – E.Kuznetsov
N.Kulemin – Svitov – Tarasenko
Burdasov – Bodrov – I.Vishnevskiy

Korneev – Nikulin
Denisov – Medvedev
Ryasenskiy – Nikitin
Kalinin – Emelin

Varlamov, Barulin, Biryukov.

Since only Malkin (maybe Datsyuk and Kovi) join the team, IMHO the roster is very weak. With these lines and with Billyaletdinov as a head coach we played many awful games, including last lost from Latvia 0-1.

I don't believe there are not players better then Ketov, Tikhonov, Ryasensky and Medvedev. Tarasenko and Kuznetsov are very talented but rarely showed that skills in national team. Shirokov is good, but scores rarely. (Burdasov – Bodrov – I.Vishnevskiy) - no comments.

I'm in doubt we can make the playoff at the WC.
Hockey is about Balance. The Eurotour teams were mostly experimental. They were also not very sharp offensively, however for their level they have been better Defensively than the previous WC all star teams.

NOW, you take the hardworkers of the Eurotour teams, add the sharpness of star NHLers - Malkin, Datsyuk, Kovy and you have a balanced team. You have the sharp offensive weapons with balanced defensive hardworkers.

That is something Bykov team did not have. You wonder how with all the stars last year the team couldn't buy goals. They lacked balance, they lacked hardworkers in front of the net, and most importantly they lacked discipline and organization in Defense. You can be sure that Bilyaletdinov will bring that.

The real Russian NT will only come together for the first time in WC, until then it's impossible to predict how it will do, since we've never seen the cream of that crop play together. But like I said, defensively, its VERY reasonable to expect a much more solid game than last year. And solid defensive game is often back bone for puck possession and good offense.

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