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04-26-2012, 11:14 AM
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Originally Posted by gordie View Post
Pens need the no nonsense approach Therrien brought when he was first hired. Ken Hitchcock has done this in St Louis this year. When Therrien was first hired he immediately began to target those who weren't responsible defensively and began to single them out (Orpik on Wing,Whitney on Wing) are extreme measures but effective. Until this kind of atmosphere is brought back this team won't be able to compete against hungry teams no matter how much talent we think the Pens have.

Personnel, the RIGHT personnel, actually does make as much of a difference as systems do.

There's also WANT. You can just tell when a team flat out commits to puck pursuit and blocking shots, and that's the impression I got from the Caps the entire series. They WANTED to defend, they WANTED to block shots.
I do agree that personnel will help. My point is that you can bring in anyone, if you don't have a different mindset it won't matter much.

Your other point is spot on, the WANT is part of the mindset. To play good defense, to have it ingrained the players have to WANT to do that. Because it's harder to play like that, it's more disciplined, it is not something for individual accolades. But when the team IS bought in to it, the results are palatable.

We do need some tweaks to our Defensive personnel. We also need our forwards to buy in to this mind set (maybe some new faces there). A lot of issues on D get magnifyied because our forwards play like they are more concerned about scoring.

I could care less if we win another scoring/hart/any individual trophy. The only thing that should matter to this team is Stanley Cups.

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