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Originally Posted by CunniJA View Post
That sounds pretty cool to do. Also, I have started doing some sprints as the obvious way to try to get more speed.

One thing I hate is that it's hard for me to get on the ice, so the vast majority of my skating practice comes on roller rather than ice. I feel like it's not translating super well after my lasst drop in game.
Roller and ice really don't work well together. Some of the basics are the same (crossovers, turning front to back back to front, etc...) but quick explosion moves certainly not.

There are some other dryland drills that may help you out. I have my kids do explosion jumping and running drills. The jumping drills we use the most come from basketball. Start in a squat position and explode up reaching with one hand like you are trying to touch a backboard or block a shot. Alternate the arm you reach with because the reach side leg will naturally do a little more work each time.

Another one is a quick jumping motion that will work your calfs and ankles and help with the "snap" at the end of your skating stride. Both arms overhead reaching up. Using just a slight knee bend, jump up and down over and over leaving from your toes and landing on the balls of your feet and going just until your heels barely touch the floor and then back up. Start with 5-10 reps and work up.

Last one will help with going to full speed while already in motion. If you have some space to run (preferably a football field) jog for 20 yards and then sprint for 20 yards back to jogging for 20 yards and sprint again for 20 yards the whole length of the field.

These are only designed to get your muscles used to the explosion moves. You will still need to work on the techniques on the ice. But having your quads and calfs in shape should bring about drastic improvements in the technique parts.

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