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That is considered a crime, perhaps even a felony if he knew the tickets were fake. I'd surprised you didn't contact the police in this matter as they could have put this on record and put all of the information you had on file. If if this Jordan Hirsch ******* didn't give your $1k your report would go a long way in his decision to screw someone over in the future.

It's really not okay that people can get ripped off by scam-artists and that nothing can be done.

Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
Well, I got ripped off last year from CL last season for about $1k. I met the guy in a gas station in Wantagh. His game is Jordan Hirsch (I have no problem naming him here since he ripped me off). I even have his cell number.

He sold me 6 games in 300 center Row A for the 2010-11 season before the season started. I gave him cash and he gave me hard authentic ST stock tickets.

When I showed up for the first game, I got the surprise that these tickets have been forwarded and void. I called the Rangers and they contacted the account holder and apparently Jordan Hirsch (who shares the tickets with the account holder on record) did not pay him. I was told there is nothing the Rangers can do.

I played cell phone games with him for about 6 months and finally gave up as I was tired of his false promises of paying me back.

Now I know better..only Paypal

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