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04-26-2012, 12:28 PM
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Originally Posted by TheNeutrality View Post
Hello guys.
is topic)

Nino Niederreiter - Luca Cunti - Damien Brunner
# Scoring line: Cunti as playmaker, Niederreiter and Brunner as scorers. Able to play a gritty game.
Sven Bärtschi - Andrej Bykov - Julien Sprunger
# Scoring line: Bykow and Bärtschi are fast, great passers while Sprunger is a cold scorer. Could be a little soft, but we should see some beautiful plays from this line.
Joël Vermin - Peter Guggisberg - Roman Wick
# Scoring line: Peter Guggisberg is (when he's healthy) whithout a doubt the most spectacular player in Switzerland: Great hands, plays a gritty game, very, VERY fast... Roman Wick is a great allrounder for the wings and Joël Vermin does, despite his age, a great job in Bern. Risky line, but if it works...
Gregory Sciaroni - Andres Ambühl - Thomas Deruns
# Grinding line: Ambühl, Deruns and Sciaroni are playing an annoying game. All of them are great forecheckers and could be useful playing against the top lines.
Christoph Bertschy
# Well, no other options

Mark Streit (if still playing) - Luca Sbisa
# No comment needed
Roman Josi - Partick von Gunten
# 2 solid 2-way Ds, could develop a great chemistry
Raphael Diaz - Philippe Furrer
# PMD + Checking threat
Yannick Weber (?)
# Oh well, I'm not a fan of Weber. But no better options so far

Jonas Hiller
# No comment needed
Leonardo Genoni
# No comment needed
Reto Berra / Tobias Stephan
# Berra based on last season. Stephan is the "safe" pick.

Surprisingly good depth at C, solid wingers, good D, great goaltending
This team could surprise

What do you guys think? I don't know if we should use Cunti in the first line, but he doesn't seem to be out of place for me.
it's still a long way,
but all around a very good list IMO,
probably a bit too offensive minded on offense,
And I think Flueler will be NR.2 before guys like Berra, Genoni and Stephan

but I don't see what you say about Guggisberg. He's never played C in NLA ... he always was and after his bad series of injuries probably always will be a soft player, who constantly drived the perimeter looking for the deadly pass, even if he has to circle all the offensive Zone 2 or 3 times (which he was more than just capable of thanks to his worldclass skating)
But he avoids contact as the devil the holy water... (God, I love to translate german phrases literatelly ) and after his unlucky injury-history he probably will never skate the same as before, an thus will be deprived of his best assets.
I agree that his combination of hands and skating was/is among the best in Switzerland together with guys like Brunner and Cunti.

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