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04-26-2012, 01:36 PM
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Bent or crooked runner/holder?

I'm wondering if I have a bent or improperly installed blade, but I'm hoping for some way to be able to tell. Which sounds dumb, but it there's a problem, its subtle.

Basically, my left foot is my weak foot. But since getting new skates (EQ5s) I've been having tons of trouble. Even left-turning cross-overs are damn near impossible.

The reason I think it might be a blade problem (rather than a sucking at skating problem, which to be fair I do) is that I have a lot of trouble keeping that foot straight. I either get wobbling, or I have to force the skate straight.

As an example, if I am just gliding on one foot, I have no problem right, but my left foot is tricky, and when I can actually go straight, I can hear the skate scraping a bit.

Is there some way to test this out? I'm going to rest the blade on a flat surface when I get home which should help rule out obvious bends, but how can I test whether the actual holder is installed straight-on?

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