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04-26-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
I disagree completely. Twice I have called because I lost my tickets. Both times the rep said just to email them to myself and print them up and the originals will be voided. Turns out, they were in my house the whole time and I found them a few weeks later. But, guy who sits next to me, did lose them while walking to the arena. When he realized it, he went to his friends office, about 4 blocks from arena, used computer to email to himself and print, thus voiding the barcodes. If someone picked up his hard tickets, and sold to someone, he is not responsible. Secondly, MSG is constantly warning people about buying tickets from untrusted sources, doubt they are really going to care.
I also lost a pair of tickets once, and I called my rep to tell him that I had in case they turned up in someone else's hands. He just told me to reprint them online. Admittedly, he didn't seem to care too much and yeah I got the feeling that if they were found and someone used/resold them, there's a good chance MSG wouldn't come after me. But if a buyer is really pissed and goes through the trouble of pushing the issue hard, you are screwed if as a STH you conned someone. You would have to (1) have no ethics / morals, be a lousy skumbag and (2) be confident that the poor shmuck wouldn't bother filling out a police report and swearing out an affidavit to issue a warrant for your arrest

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