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04-26-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by theyankeesguy View Post
That is considered a crime, perhaps even a felony if he knew the tickets were fake. I'd surprised you didn't contact the police in this matter as they could have put this on record and put all of the information you had on file. If if this Jordan Hirsch ******* didn't give your $1k your report would go a long way in his decision to screw someone over in the future.

It's really not okay that people can get ripped off by scam-artists and that nothing can be done.
I thought about it but in the end, I was just tired of his promises to pay me back and didn't want to prolong the misery. I've already lost the money. I didn't want to lose more sleep. Chalk this one up for my own stupidity and move on. I'm sure there are many CL stories like mine. CL is fine - you just have to take precautions as suggested by many here.

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