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03-15-2006, 11:18 AM
Eman Resu
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If we're truly making a playoff run, then we have to think past this week. Sure, this week's games are the most important of the season, but if we win them, then NEXT week's games will become the most important. If DP isn't tired out this week, then he probably will be next week. Why let him get to that point?

The team needs to have confidence in DP and Snow. While I agree about riding the hot guy and stuff, we have to learn from past experience. And this year we've learned that DP plays best when he gets a night off now and then. DP is very confident right now... if he tires out and has a bad game, he may lose some of that confidence.

You can say what you want about Snow, but one things seems certain, he's a competitor. I don't think he'll want to come into a game and let the team down.

So, I fall into the start Snow against Florida camp. If the team continues their strong play, we should be able to win there AND rest DP.

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