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11-21-2003, 11:39 PM
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no, you are definately not over reacting, im gonna be dressed the same way atleast, and i will have a sleeping bag too. Me and my buddies were thinking that it would be funny to all go shirtless and paint H Y P O T H E R M I A on our bellys. unfortunately we value life a little more than that. heres my checklist for those wondering...

thermal underwear with really tight boxers on top, then thermal longjohns, tight jogging pants, with baggy joggers on top and insulated sno-boarding pants. up top i got a wife beater with a longsleeve underwear shirt, then a fleece jacket, then a hoodie, then my oil jerey and thick gortex coat for kicks. I've got 2 pairs of wool socks that im gonna double up on under insulated sorel boots. On the ol' noggin, Ive got a thermal balaklava (pat woodcock style), a scarf, an oil touque all tightly wrapped in a blanket then stuffed in my dads $200 extra thermally insulated, military death shelter like sleeping bag........yup, I'm ready.

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