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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Last Friday hit 195 on the back squat for 2 sets of 5, then just hit the wall and couldn't go any more. Napped for 2 hours right afterwards. Throughout the weekend had a sore low back and left knee felt loose all weekend, just unnatural.

Took Monday off, then yesterday I did some more basic exercises. Did ATG bodyweight squats, tried front squats with a bar focusing on perfect form, did some SLSL deadlifts with an arm behind the back (per Gray Cook, to focus on keeping it straight), split squats, and single-leg squats (more half squats as I just wanted to see the motion).

I will say my hamstrings were a lot more sore than ever before, and my quads got hit pretty good too. Not enough in the glutes which I believe is due to lack of balance on the deadlifts (didn't do any regular deadlifts but will next time). There was no pain or stress in the lower back. Don't know if that is good or bad. But I'm guessing it all means I've been adding weight to really bad form and getting pain instead of good muscle soreness.

For upper body today I'm going to add rows and pullups to try and strengthen my right shoulder. I got hit with my arms out a couple years ago and has been on and off bugging me. Sounds like a fair amount of pulling work might help strengthen it. I'm also thinking of switching to incline pushups for the time being as it just keeps getting aggravated with the bench press.

It'd be nice if I could find a straightforward program but most of the guys I'm looking at (Boyle, Cressey, Neeld) seem to just have infomercial websites. So I'm going to try and get my hands on that Peter Twist book as I think a buddy has a copy (no e-copies available and none at the used book store yesterday). And take another look at the Westside workout. I'd like to split the difference between a strength program and functional program and definitely need to work on my form before adding weights.
Seriously bro. Just do SS alternating front and back squats, one of the programs I made for you, or read the westside for skinny ******** pdf twice and make your own program. Key here is to stick to something, log it, and force improvements. If you stick to something that is proven to work on some level - WSBB4SB for instance, and you aren't making improvements, it is likely an external factor such as diet, lack of sleep, or terrible form.

Having said that, I have gotten a couple of PMs from people asking for programs for them. It isn't fair for me to freely customize programs for every individual that asks and I do not have the time to do it for everyone. So, I decided to just post a strength routine to the internet. I used to use the site to post workouts for myself when I was away; however, I have tried to delete the old posts. I am not sure if this worked. I started the program on Monday. The dates are so I don't forget to put the next days workout up - I would recommend starting at "Day 1"

Please read the about section, especially regarding how you should work the program around your rest days.

If you have questions, post them here or in the comments section. I would also encourage anyone following to video-tape themselves doing the barbell movements and posting either to me or another internet forum where people will give you advice. You can upload video's to youtube and make them either private or unlisted.

Lastly, please track your progress. If you do follow, please comment everyday on the site itself so I know how it is going for people. I will adjust accordingly or provide feedback.

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