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04-26-2012, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Skrudland2Lomakin View Post
I'm finding conflicting information on measuring for gloves.

Do you measure from the tip of your middle finger or from the edge of your palm (where your fingers begin)?

I can't seem to find a conclusive source for how the measuring in inches works.
Measure from top of wrist (where wrist meets hand) to the top of your middle finger. Take that # in inches and X2. For instance, my measurement from top of wrist (bottom of palm) to the top of my middle finger is exactly 7.5". So when i take that # and multiply it by 2 it comes out to 15" which is actually the size gloves I wear (and find most comfortable). I can do a 14 but it tends to be a bit tighter in the fingers then I like, plus I play defense and sometimes grind out a bit of center on the 4th, so I prefer a glove that is easy to shake if necessary.

Heres a good video by Tyson @ IW Hockey:

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