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03-15-2006, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Seph
Those people also don't have jobs where a difference of a fraction of a second in reaction can be the difference between them being succesful and them failing. It's not a question of body fatigue so much as mental fatigue.

The thing about the Panthers isn't that they're pushovers, but simply that those points aren't as important. They're behind us right now, and while yes, a loss to them could help them get back into things, we have to focus on the guys ahead of us more than anything. These are all 4 point games and we need to make sure we win the games against the catchable teams that remain ahead of us.
Yeah well I rather lose with DiPi in there then watch Snow give up 4 soft goals on 6 shots. Now is not the time to be scared but its time to lay it all on the line. We need to stop cuddling DiPi so much....whats everybody afraid of? Here we are with a golden opportunity...the best run in I don't know how long and people want to pull the plug...why? because DiPi might be tired.

Let him stay in until he gets tired.

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