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04-26-2012, 03:31 PM
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Roller hockey destroy's Ice Hockey players skating mechanics (stride, technique, transitions, weight transfer). While they seem like they would be close from a technical stand point, they are the furthest from each other. Thats why I refuse to play roller now. I'd rather pay more to play the game I love, and grew up playing, as well as the game that is original and allows for far more agility and control then to sauce it up with a plastic puck and for the most part very non-contact type hockey. Not knocking roller hockey players, as I know plenty of them that are very very skilled individuals and have made excellent Ice hockey players, but most of them if you ask them (and i know a ton of professional roller players) most say they wished they would have started playing Ice first, as they love the speed (both skating and tempo of game) and control factor (stops and starts, tight turns, puck feel) it brings that Roller just cant match. I find that roller guys that transition to the game have the hardest time with stops and starts as well as the flow to the game and smaller/shorter passes (as well as 3 dimensional passing such as sauce passing or passing into an area) on top of tempo changes in a game. I do respect roller as it allows for people to get involved in the game of Hockey, and in the end thats all I ask for (more people playing).

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