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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
So if Philadelphia wins the Cup, then what? There'll be a new thread about wingerz and upgrading the offense?

NONE of the other East teams could have exposed our defense like Philly did.

But to want a defensive team with our roster is just stupid. That's trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The Caps are making a long-term mistake for short-term success with their newfound collapsing defensive style. And Ovi looks like a fish out of water. It's working because they're desperate to finally have some success. But it's not a great long-range plan. They've just run out of ideas.

We won the Cup 3 short seasons ago, and with this core. What we are missing now that we had then was the Rob Scuderi, Hal Gill, Mark Eaton types. And we need somebody to light a fire under Fleury. And I agree, the fourth line needs to start grinding more than it has. But those are things that we need, which are fixable.

Actually acquiring defensive defensemen would help us to become much much better defensively, even if not a defensive powerhouse.

We don't have the roster to play Ken Hitchcock hockey.
I'm glad Philly exposed our D the way they did. We're too soft in our own end.

Orpik/Michalek was a cluster**** pairing and would get hemmed in far too often. And Martin wouldn't take a ****ing check to make a play. Any proper forechecking team would expose that to some extent. It might not end up in the back of our net as much as in the Philly series, but we'd be hemmed in nonetheless.

It is what it is. We need Martin off this roster. Bring in another stay-at-home type. And if Staal is moved, we need more talent brought in on the wing.

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