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04-26-2012, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by OkimLom View Post
Kind of hard to say hes a third line center, which technically he is, but hes third behind arguably the two best players/Centers players in the league.
Roy, Hodgson, and Ennis I don't think make a very good 1-2-3 punch. Out of those three who are you going to throw out there for faceoffs at the end of the game? I dont think Cody and Tyler have proven they can handle the center position for a full year(Maybe Cody has). I think Roy needs to go to a more run and gun kind of team. I don't think we are that team anymore.

I think adding Staal, you get a reliable center with size and better defensive abilities than Roy. I think he would be a better fit than any of the other centers that are "AVAILABLE"
1. If the Sabres got him can you tell me right now he'd be above Roy, Ennis and Hodgson? If so than we're giving a lot to trade for him and I don't think he'd that big of an upgrade from Roy. I'd say Roy is better offensively while Staal is better defensively.

2. Roy. He improved his winning-percentage last year but (in my opinion) people over rate the faceoff winning percentage. Gaustad has a 57% Roy 48% Staal 50%. I don't care about winning a faceoff I care about someone hooking Landeskog down instead of letting him into the zone (don't think this applies to Staal).

3. I would love to have Staal on the team, Getzlaf too; but question is at what price. Roy + 1st SURE DONE (and I think Getzlaf > Staal). When I see people trying to trade our best winger (Vanek) for Staal I just question whether this is because of the Sabres failure to make the playoffs or not.

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