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04-26-2012, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by blackcell View Post
ausername1- I'm glad somebody on here is in the league too! I didn't think Tennessee was bad at all. I watched a video of you guys against Alabama. Do you guys order everything through the team, or only certain things like socks/gloves/etc, while the helmets are purchased on your own? I hope you're enjoying it too! Is this your first year on the team?

Taco- alright maybe I misspoke a bit by saying there weren't try outs. The team can only suit 20 kids, so they have to find a way to pick the best. But every body can come out, and it doesn't seem like a serious event. Maybe I'm misjudging
We weren't that bad a while ago but this past season wasn't all that great...
we got socks through the team; the pants, helmets, and gloves are all black so we buy them ourselves. If some can afford it they buy custom black and orange gloves and we all buy some UT stickers from the bookstore and slap them on the helmet- like I said, we're pretty poor.
It was my first year playing this season (and playing ice hockey ever!) so I'm definitely the bender the guy from UGA was talking about, lol, but it's still really fun!!
Most people I meet really do love the sport so they don't mind helping out a bender like me, i'm sure the guys on your team will be eager to help you transition from roller to ice!

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