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04-26-2012, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Puck U View Post
Yeah but come on buddy ... it's MUCH more fun to make up ******** about someone and post it like it's fact on the internet so you can somehow feel better about yourself ... well maybe you don't, haven't seen you do it much but you know OTHERS I mean

You know like how Jack wanted $50 billion dollars a year or he and his dad were off to Russia ... and how ... oh why bother the same immature idiots will keep posting this stuff on here, because of course THEY have or show NO HATE, yeah no NOT THEM.
Hey Puck, hope you're not looking in my direction. (I don't think you are)

I just think it's weird that he doesn't wish success for some of his old friends. I know he's on a different team now but the Jackets season is over and why the hell would you not root your friends on?

I'm not crucifying the guy, but I have heard players in the past say much nicer things after they've been traded. If I was a good buddy of his, I probably wouldn't care but I'd find it a little weird.

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