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11-22-2003, 03:36 AM
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Character and Makeup of CH apparent leading up to the Outdoor Game

I think our team's character and make up is shining through loud and clear in these last few days leading up to the Outdoor Game in Emonton.

It's sad to see that while the older guys like Carbo, Kirk, The Flower, etc are saying how fun being on the outdoor ice was and how the cold won't be a factor once they start playing and most importantly that they are here to WIN, the current guys are complaining and groaning about having to play in the cold.

Take for example, Brisbois' comment - paraphrased - 'If it's cold like today (Friday), there's no way I'm going be blocking shots! I'll just get out of the way...I'm not a goalie today'

First of all, I was embarrassed for him when I was hearing this because
has he ever blocked a shot in his life? Maybe accident! But he was going on like it's something he does everyday! Secondly, I could see that he's there because he was forced to be there and it's obvious that when encountered with a little bit of cold, he's gonna pack it in and go home.

Same goes for Juneau's complaining. Edmonton guys are doing whatever they can to prepare for the cold and the game but he's going on to complain about how if they miss the playoff by a point because of this game...It sure sounds like they've lost the game already. They're gonna show up because they have to but they're not gonna try is the clear message that I'm getting from him and bunch of others!

Even Koivu is saying that if the temperature gets below -26 or something that they're not gonna play. I mean Koivu of all people! I thought he had more fire in his belly than that! In my eyes, this is the first chink in the armour of Saku, who has become such a symbol to this team and exemplifies what the rest of team isn't! This is so exasperating when old 40-50 year old foggies like Gretzky and his buddies are saying that no matter what, no matter how cold, they are gonna play!

Looking and listening to the CURRENT Edmonton dressing room and comparing them to the CURRENT Montreal dressing room, it's pretty evident why even the 2nd rate guys from Hamilton who went to Edmonton are outperforming the guys that were ahead of them in Hamilton but came to Montreal!

It's pretty apparent what kind of soft, undedicated, self absorbed, millionaire cry babies we have on our team. No wonder our team is struggling so much! It's pretty clear that comfort and easy money is the priority rather than winning on our current team!


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