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Originally Posted by Grave77digger View Post
All that high powered scoring got the Pens really far this year aye? Look at what the Caps just did to Boston. Hardly any penalties either, besides a few Boston dives. Scoring titles are a nice personal achievement but it wont win a cup. Solidify the defense, ditch the one dimensional grinders (im looking at you Adams, Asham, etc.) This team needs to go in a different direction and it starts with coaching.
That would be great, but you are forgetting one thing, the Caps had great goaltending against the Bruins.

If the Penguins had even average, not great, not phenomenal, but AVERAGE goaltending, the Pens would be moving on and this thread would not exist.

Instead we once again get handed one of the worst goaltending performances an NHL caliber goalie can have in a playoff series. To say Fleury isn't the problem is beyond delusional.

First issue is getting a new goaltender. That should be the only concern.

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