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03-15-2006, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
October 2-2-4 +5 (10 games)
November 0-5-5 +11 (14 games)
December 0-4-4 0 (14 games)
January 1-3-4 -4 (14 games)
February 0-0-0 -2 (3 games)
March 0-2-2 +1 (7 games)

through 38 games he had 13 pts and was +16... he's not an offensive player, so clearly losing Pitkanen as his partner affected his +/- in terms of being positive, but he remained even throughout that month. he was a strong player for this club in the beginning of the season... he's clearly laboring now.

In the beginning of January we had the best point total in the NHL... So yes, we were doing extremely well.
How many assists were first assists? That's such a contrived stat especially when you're talking about a player like him. They count the pass to the guy who made a pass to the guy who scored. He is definitely not an offensive player, on that I will agree. +/- doesn't take into account PK goals against, and they had plenty. Forsberg and Gagne were clicking pretty regular so his +/- could easily be contributed to that, when it was good and now that it's getting worse. But just like when a player does something to help his team that doesn't make it onto the scoresheet he does a lot to hurt them that can't be proven with stats. I'll ask this though. How come nobody knew he was injured? Because he sucks. If were blaming his poor play on injury then he must have gotten hurt signing his contract.

There were so many lead changes, and usually are, in the beginning of a season that to lead at some point isn't "Rocking" the NHL. They weren't even rocking teams they played. 20 of 28 one goal games? That includes games against some of the bottom teams as well. They weren't rocking anything. Most of those games they won I wondered how bad must the other team be for them to lose because the Flyers looked that bad doing it.

Forget your stats, open your eyes. This "new" problem is an extension of earlier in the season. How many points are they out of 1st now? They got rocked.

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