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11-22-2003, 06:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Ironchef Chris Wok
You never know. What would you rather do if you were already rich:

Take 21 million dollars and perhaps a bit more to win, or take 55 million dollars to lose forever and ever.
Wealth does a funny thing ... it tends to turn you into a heavy spender. Jagr doesn't think of himself as having a bottomless pool of money from which to dip on a whim, what with debts and all. May not have the kind of cash flow to meet his financial commitments as one might expect.

Either way, Jagr feels he needs that money, doesn't think of himself being filthy rich, even with his overseas investments, his merchandise deals. Believe the assertion or not, but Jagr's not going to tear up his contract. This summer the Rangers and Caps were close to a deal, contingent on Jagr renegotiating --not the whole deal-- but just the bonus year, the eighth year. This is to go to the team for which he evidently would like to play.

He still wouldn't do it. Jagr wants his full paycheck and he wants to set terms. That is his right, because he signed a deal, and the Caps cannot retrench. They must honor it or find another team gullible enough to honor it. Someone is going to pay him $77M, maybe $88M, however. The moron in all this was Leonsis, who pushed this trade and this contract on his GM.

I don't think he can be traded. I do think the Caps have to deal their vets, but I dispute the notion that there will be enough money to re-sign Gonchar. I think they will have to deal him as well, in order to retrench on payroll while having to keep Jagr and his absurd contract.

EDIT: The key to this deal for Jagr is not the $11M he makes now, but the $11M he makes in the seventh year, and maybe even in the eighth year. That kind of deal at his age will never, ever be offered him if he is looking for a contract at that point in his career.