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04-27-2012, 01:51 AM
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I think things aint even so bad, I was actually suprised how it looks when I look at all finns in the We have less than I have used to have there (thought the goalies wont show on the list) But we have very good players in russia and just couple in Finland also, and then we right now have good players coming up who will for sure pop up in the NHL too later.. Theres not that much to worry about, but lets see how long does it take before we got next goal scoring or point scoring title for Finland..

When we talk about the best of the best, imo its good to do top seven.
My top 7 for Finland

1. P. Rinne (G)
2. V. Filppula (F)
3. M Koivu (F)
4. K. Lehtonen (G)
5. M Granlund (Starting to recover and show energy and do the good old "ownage" on the ice again btw) (F)
6. T. Selänne (Is below koivu and filppula because aint so good 2way, doesnt play shorthanded ect.) (F)
7. J. Pitkänen (D)

Even thought after Pitkänen there still is Timonen, Salo then litle gap and Lydman, it would be important time to Määttä and Vatanen to capitalize their potentional and some new prospects to raise for the D also.

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