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04-27-2012, 02:31 AM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
Cunti probably will never be "solid"...too risky his game.
"Solid" was a poor choice of word. I meant that he would contribute at a high level, not that he would become an all around player. I should have used "Olympic caliber" or something like this.

Originally Posted by duga View Post
and quite a few people were expecting his turnaround after his good season with GCK ... too much talent

same with Brunner. you could see in his first season with Kloten that a lot has to go wrong, that he won't be successfull... too skilled and too eager to play the game to get lost...

same with Vermin, when he doesn't get injured severely, and adds a bit of weight in the off-season, he'll be a lock for Sochii IMO.
I can't agree with everything here. It was known that those players had high potentials, but I don't think many people expected Brunner to become an NHL caliber player when he left Kloten. Same for Cunti, one year ago people were hoping he could work with ZSC, but I don't remember any prediction about him being in discussions for the national team.

I'm not saying that it's stupid to expect those players to make the Olympics, but I think we shouldn't forget that it will be played in less than two years and that we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves with young players, and neither should we forget all guys currently older than 28.

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