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04-27-2012, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by 2 Weekes Notice View Post
In order, in my humble opinion:

1. Bernier - Limited experience, but I really like the tape of him I've watched. Tracks well, good instincts and recovery. Maybe the future of Canadian goaltending along with Price, and it would be nice to lock down the position long-term. Seems to fit the Yzerplan of youth to grow with Stamkos/Hedman (though who knows for sure but the Yzerman)

2. Thomas - Still a top-tier goalie IMO, without the huge Luongo commitment. Maybe a bit short-sighted but I think a division title is easily in play with TT next year. Still, he's one of few goalies out there who has shown the ability to carry a team when needed, and that ability should not be underestimated.

3. Harding - Doubt we go for him as hard as others will though. Just don't think he's a franchise guy. Can make us a playoff team, but I see Garon's hot streak last year as roughly Harding's long-term ceiling. UFA status is encouraging though.

4. Vokoun - Total stop-gap, but can get us to the playoffs as long as he hasn't dropped off much since last year. Puts a lot of faith in Tik or Janus to go this direction (that said, so does the Thomas strategy)

5. Luongo - What's left to say about Luongo that hasn't been said? Good goalie, lousy contract. Would put the organization in a weird flux.

All of this assumes Schneider is off the market, of course. Also don't think Tik or Janus are ready, and I don't see Lindback as being ready to rock either. That said, dark horses (Kipper?) could always appear this time of year, but given what we know, this is my gut feeling.
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I proposed Harding on a 2-3 year if he signs. The length is mostly to see if he can pull through. If he can then we got a goalie. If he can't, we haven't signed him too long, and by then Tik or Janus should be ready. If not sooner. One might be the back up in 2 seasons. It will be hard to get Harding to bite on that I'm guessing. All depends on if Lou or Schneider get moved and to who.

Vokoun and Thomas in my eyes are means to the same end. Much rather have Vokoun because he would come cheaper.

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