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04-27-2012, 05:01 AM
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Originally Posted by duga View Post
it's still a long way,
but all around a very good list IMO,
probably a bit too offensive minded on offense,
And I think Flueler will be NR.2 before guys like Berra, Genoni and Stephan


but I don't see what you say about Guggisberg. He's never played C in NLA ... he always was and after his bad series of injuries probably always will be a soft player, who constantly drived the perimeter looking for the deadly pass, even if he has to circle all the offensive Zone 2 or 3 times (which he was more than just capable of thanks to his worldclass skating)
But he avoids contact as the devil the holy water... (God, I love to translate german phrases literatelly ) and after his unlucky injury-history he probably will never skate the same as before, an thus will be deprived of his best assets.
I agree that his combination of hands and skating was/is among the best in Switzerland together with guys like Brunner and Cunti.
I'm quite careful when it comes to Flüeler. He played some great playoffs, but was merely slightly above average during the regular season. I doubt, that he'll be better than Genoni, but we'll see.

Oh, yeah... Gritty is pretty wrong when it comes to Guggisberg, sorry

Well, according to eliteprospects, he should be capable to play C. I know, not the best source. But I also thought, I saw him playing there from time to time. But I'm not quite sure... Anyway, I would give it a try, at least in 1-2 testing games. Otherwise could we exchange him with Sven Bärtschi, who told multiple times, that he's able to play all the offensive positions. Just a thought.
He will never be a physical force, that's true. But you have to see, that our depth at C is... well... Let's say not the best. The only guys I could see aside of him would be Jeannin and Plüss. But they are 36/35 yo. Will they be able to play at this level in two years? We don't know...

The next problem would be his health, indeed. I really hope that he's able to completely recover from his injuries. But I'm really afraid, that they'll rush his comeback.

Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
I'm not saying that it's stupid to expect those players to make the Olympics, but I think we shouldn't forget that it will be played in less than two years and that we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves with young players, and neither should we forget all guys currently older than 28.
True words. This list is more like my personal "Best case scenario".
But I also think we should integrate our young guys more. Guys like Rüthemann, Jeannin and Plüss may be good players now. But they won't be reliable long-term anymore. We should let the young guys gain experience at olympic level. It could help their development.

We aren't a force in hockey. We may be able to upset some teams with our (currently) best players, but that's it. It's just my opinion, but I think we should look in the future, since we can't reach much more than QF/SF with our current "stars".
I don't want to say, that our young guns are able to bring us to the Finals or even to win the WC. But there's imo more talent in this young generation than in the generation of our good ol' routiniers. We still wouldn't be able to reach the cup. But we'd be one step closer to that target.

But that's just my opinion. And I know, there's a huge possibility that I'm wrong with it

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