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04-27-2012, 06:17 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
You mentioned IIHF ranking of attendance. Look at number, all above 80%, two 100%. KHL has more teams than Elitserien, SM-Liiga, therefore overall numbers are lower (and Lokomotiv did not play KHL this season). I would not say people are not intersting in KHL. Even HC LEV Poprad, as newcomer, not connected to russian hockey history (like sweden, finland) had attendance 95,8%. Many KHL clubs have small arena, but they are buiding new one. Do you know why? Because fans are interesting in hockey matches and attendance is low.

Take into account, that some clubs dont send real numbers of attendance (not to pay higher tax), Example of Dynamo Moscow at Megasport arena - officialy cca 9000 fans, reality - cca 13 000 fans. I would say IIHF does not have valid info about attendance in KHL.

it is not about quality of hockey, but about hating Russia, Putin or so. It is problem of your nation if you are Swede. No offence, but it is bad picture of KHL. KHL has more liberal rules than NHL.

KHL is about bussiness. If clubs from sweden does not want to make profit, it is their problem.

Slovaks dont like KHL as well, majority of them. But still, HC LEV Poprad had attendance 95,8%.
Here's my opinion, and that is that Swedes in general are NOT all that interested in seeing Djurgården IF vs. Spartak Moscow etc. even if these teams would have better players. Why? Because in general, I think we're more interested in seeing the good old derbies, even if the players are just average Joe's with a salary of 10 000 SEK a month.

In regards of the economy of the KHL I'd love to see some transparency and numbers on sponsorship etc. Do you know of any sites/documents in English that display this?

I don't want sports to be about profit. I mean, c'mon... I don't want a greedy club owner to use a club as a way of making money. That's not what sports are about if you ask me. I want the club to be in the hands of the ones who love it, e.g. the supporters. Money doesn't mean a thing to me, it makes things easier, but as a whole it won't make me any happier. I want my club to stand for good values and ideals.

Originally Posted by vorky View Post
with/without KHL teams? If with, ok. if without, I am againt. Sweden, Finland dont have so much money to support Champions league. Your countries must to cooperate with KHL. It is reality and future of european hockey. It will not take so long german club joins KHL

my idea is to create league such CHL - two or more independent league which belong to one organisation. Is is champions league system. So what is the problem?
With KHL-clubs, naturally.

Why is it a must for us to cooperate with the KHL? We're fine without you and your thick stacks of rubel. Call me conservative, but I want the SEL to stay intact, and I'm positive that most Swedes want that as well. I don't see any future in a "CHL"-league as you call it.

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