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Originally Posted by WingsFan95 View Post
Thing is, Markham is 1 hour from Barrie.
45 min from Oshawa.
30-45 min from Newmarket and the rest of York Region.

That's a city population of over 400,000 that is hockey mad and is usually not within range to go see many Leafs games...nor do they really want to.

Then there's Northern Toronto.

Hamilton and Kitchener area is pushing 800 thousand but I think too many people are looking at those numbers the wrong way. The economy and spending habits in those areas aren't the best for hockey.

Now, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't say Hamilton, who got passed over for Tampa and Ottawa, is all that big of an option especially with a now ancient stadium.

Houston and Seattle are in no way ahead of Markham. No way.
Not that I expect a team in the area but I think your post about Hamilton/KW has some factual errors. Hamilton's metro population is about 750K and the Region of Waterloo is over 500K.

I am also not sure abot your comment about the economy would be because the KW region has a very good economy with lots of high paying jobs. And if you don't think the area is hockey mad you have never been to a Rangers game.

In the end though, what if this project is not about getting an NHL team but rather about giving people in the area a facility that will add something to their quality of life?

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