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11-22-2003, 06:59 AM
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Originally Posted by SabresRule
yeh,, maybe a 4th,

i can see the Nucks being interested, definatly, maybe not for sure. but i can see them being interested, when the trade dealine comes around.

we've proved we can win without satan, maybe trading him for someone like that.

or even: (AT A STRETCH, consider iginla's contract and lackluster play)

CAL: Satan, campbell, 2nd rounder.
Buf: Iginla

approximate deal.
Nope. Calgary doesn't need to trade Iginla financially, and especially not for the deal you are proposing. Calgary would get ripped. And Buffalo can't take on Iginla's salary.

Satan and a 4th for Cooke and Allen is the right type of trade for Buffalo- young defenseman, tough 3rd line winger. I'm not saying Vancouver would go with that trade, but it's the type that Buffalo management should seek if trading Satan.