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04-27-2012, 08:23 AM
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Hey dude, I was almost exactly your weight when I started playing Ice (only I'm 6'1"). I've since lost a ton of weight, I was 350 now I'm 275 (and still dropping)

Based on what you've said and the experiences I've went through here are a few things I suggest...

Your pants will change. Buy a cheap pair to start. You're not in a checking league so you dont need anything crazy. Go with a mid-low range pant because you WILL replace it once your waist size drops. I made the mistake of buying a pair of top-of-the-line TotalOne pants for full price...they now hang off my butt and are huge on me. I have to wear suspenders...even with them, they're still too big.

(I have a used pair of Tackla pants that I can sell you super cheap that will definitely fit you. PM me if interested)

Invest in a good, high quality pair. Cheap pairs, the palms will wear out and after a year or so, you'll be left with holes and will have to replace them.

Heres another area I wish I had went in a different direction...before buying my current skates (Reebok 9K) I was wearing a pair of really crappy Tour BlueMax skates (these are essentially Inline skates that Tour slapped an Ice Hockey holder+runner on and sold as Ice Hockey skates). I didn't do much research on the 9K's when I got them. After two years of skating on them, they are torn up!

Invest in a GOOD pair of skates. This doesn't mean you have to go with the Bauer APX, RBK 20K or whatever the best skates out right now are but I do suggest you go with a durable, mid to high range skate that will last you some time. You're a big guy even at 230, you're still a big guy and you need a skate that will stand up to the weight/power you put out.

(My next skates are going to be very stiff. Possibly TotalOne NXG's).

If you have big legs like me...look for a pair of older REEBOK/JOFA pads. You can find them on Ebay or maybe in some stores. They fit pretty wide.

You can find super cheap One Piece Composite sticks on Clearance at sites like, or

I saw a few on there the other day for under $40. You'll pay $30-40 for a wooden stick at some places so I suggest you look for deals on the Composites. Despite what anyone says, there is a big difference between Wood sticks and Composites...every single time I've seen a player switch from wooden to OPS, they've almost instantly improved their shot/pass/puck handling. Happened the other night in fact.

Anyway, good luck man. As a fellow "big man" I'm excited to see your progress. Keep it up.

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