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04-27-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs View Post
I was genuinely curious, if it was a play the team could make if necessary. But, using your logic, lets keep him at all costs because he's a sure thing.... because comparing him to McDonagh really fits the discussion here... we won't bring up the other dozen flopped college prospects we drooled about years ago that are playing in the beer league now.
No one said keep him at all costs, but comparing him to McDonagh, if you remember there was the same overreaction around here when McDonagh wanted to return to Wisconsin and posters were up in arms saying he should be traded and now look at him. So my example fits well as both were very good in the NCAA and both times fans here overreacted (shocking I know).

Originally Posted by canadiansbronco View Post
First i know plenty about hockey, second i am not saying he is a bust all i am saying is the i dont think he will be more then 3rd line player with 2nd lie potential but will never really be a force
Kristo would be unlikely to be a 3rd liner, he's all about the offense. He was one of the top forwards in the NCAA this year and easily has 2nd line upside imo.

Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I remember we used to say Kristo would be a top 9 and hopefully top 6 forward. Has that changed? I remember he had a bad year last year and people were doubtful. Has his statistically stronger year regenerated some of the previous projections for him?
He should likely be a top 6 forward at some point, his speed and hands are his best assets. He needs to be more consistent and get stronger but when he turns it out look out as he can dominate when he wants to.

Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Kristo never had 3rd line potential, 2nd line or bust. He doesn't have the grit for 3rd line.
agreed 100%

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