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Originally Posted by thedjpd
There's no point in making them, I'm not going to change your mind. Read the 100 or so posts already, and you'll find out that Kovalchuk is nothing like Bure. Only people that don't actually watch him play assume that because he's Russian and skilled, he's like Bure. Kovalchuk has more heart as a 20 year old than Bure ever did. He's already worked to improve his defensive game. His goal is to be the best player in the league; not just one of the better players. He has ambitions that most players don't even care about; they just want their paycheck.

And don't fool yourself. You can't compare Pitkanen to Lidstrom until he actually plays for couple of season. Seriously. Does he have the potential? Sure. Is he there now? Not even close.

The problem with this is Kovalchuk has EVEN MORE TALENT and is ALREADY realizing this. Pitkanen is just on his way, and he doesn't even have as much talent. It's not even close.
Listen, you need to stop calling people ignorant regardless. You're points are not so mind-blowingly complete as to afford you the luxury of name calling. And you don't use "I'm not going to change your mind" as an excuse for that garbage either. If you don't want to discuss anything don't resort to such garbage either.

I watch over 100 hockey games per year, easily. Probably closer to about 175. Every Flyers game and usually a 4 or 5 games per week, mostly when the Flyers don't play.

Did you see Ilya against Philly this year? He was constantly leaving his own end too early. And when the puck came out of their offensive zone he showed no energy back checking.
Is he as bad as Pavel "One Foot on the Red Line" Bure? No. But I said as much already. But he still isn't a two way player.

Has his defensive improved from last year? A lot of people on these boards claim so. But he's not going to win a Selke anytime soon either.

Ilya has shown he can be a very good goal scorer in Atlanta. He might even be the league MVP so far this year. But he hasn't proven he can do it over a long haul, under different system, etc. He has so much room to freelance in Atlanta, room he wouldn't have in Minn or Philly.
If he was in Philly I could see Hitch drastically reducing his minutes unless he totally bought into the system. And would he buy into the system? I'm not willing to trade Pitkanen to find out. There are too many variables in taking someone so young and switching them to a new team. So you stand pat with what you have, and that's one of the best blueliner prospects.
If I was Atlanta its not as if I would trade Ilya for Pitkanen either. You already know you have a stud forward for your team, you wouldn't trade that for any one player in the league.

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