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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
I have noticed a trend over the years on these boards when discussing picks after the first round. People always seem to list their 2-4 round picks as players who were once thought to be 1st round contenders. This has proven to be a huge mistake.

When players fall like that it is usually for good reason like the Schremps and Sullivans of the world. The best picks are always players headed in the other direction like Subban, Lucic, Bergeron etc.

It will be the same old story as a team will end up with a few big names that dropped and they will be given credit by the posters as having fleeced the draft. Of course when you mention players who are rated lower by ISS and other agencies you get scoffed at. This is where Timmins has done his best work as the most humorous part is all of the confusion over each of his picks and why didn't he take such and such.

Hopefully the new GM leaves Timmins alone for the next two seasons and allows him to mine some gold in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

I must say this is one of the most illogical post i've seen in a while. If we can get 1st round projected picks in the second or third round, I say go for it, pick the best player available. drafting is like a lottery, you pick a number and hope for the best. Like most young players, they don't peak until after you select them. Had the draft been for 20 year olds, you'll see nhl players picked in the first round.

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