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11-22-2003, 08:39 AM
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Another quicky here...see if you can find the moral to this story.

Alex: Hello?

Petr: What are you doing??

Alex: What are YOU doing?!

Petr: What are youuuu doing!

Petr & Alex: AAAAH

Petr: Hold on I have another call.....hello?

Jan: What are you Doing??

Petr: What are YOU doing????


Petr:...Oh yeah. Hold on. (switch) Alex

Alex: What are YOU doing??! AAAH

Petr: Not a damn thing, remember?

Alex:....Oh yeah, me either.

Petr: Damn

Alex:....oh well, want to come over and have a Bud?

Petr: Wuzzuuup!

Alex: I'll call Anson, he's not doing anything either.

(End Scene)

Jan: Hello?

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